Now Essential Oils Blend Pack

5 Different Essential Oil Blends
Sleep, Peace, Clear Air, Romance and Mental Focus

$45.97 (as of January 3, 2019, 5:00 pm)

This has 5 nice blends put into one set and we come with a free Carlson jute bag to retailer them in. Comprises Peaceful Sleep, Transparent the Air, Mental Center of attention, Peace and Harmony, and Naturally Loveable. Transparent the Air purifying mix has a recent mint aroma, Peaceful Sleep is floral citrus, Mental Center of attention is minty citrus with wintergreen, Peace and Harmony is minty floral herb and Naturally Loveable has a sweet floral, citrus aroma.
5 Other Very important Oil Blends
Sleep, Peace, Transparent Air, Romance and Mental Center of attention



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